Sr. High week, AGES 14-18, will be the best week of your summer! Make this happen before

your summers get too full with work and responsibility. You will not regret it!

Sr. High Chapel

Sr. Highers get two challenging and engaging chapel sessions each day with speaker Danny Erwin.



7:30am    RiseNShine/Clean-Up

8:00am    Breakfast

9:00am    Choose Your Own Adventure

10:30am  Chapel

11:30am  Free Time

12:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm    Selah (Rest Hour)

2:30pm    Team Activity

3:30pm    Snack Shack

4:00pm    Free Swim

4:45pm    Free Time

5:30pm    Supper

6:30pm    Surprise Hour

7:30pm    Snack Shack

8:00pm    Chapel

10:30pm    Night C.A.P.

11:00pm   Lights Out

3600 Long Lake Rd

Reading, MI 49274

(517) 283-2527