June 24-29, 2024

Jr. High Week, AGES 12-14, is a blast! We keep the program full and fresh.

Lots of high adventure activities, lots of time to hang out and relax.

YSL Theme Night

Each summer, the YSLs host a surprise theme night at Jr. High Week! Some nights from the past include; Selah ClueToy Story Night, & Selahwood's Walk of Fame.


7:30am    RiseNShine/Clean-Up

7:50am    Flag Raising

8:00am    Breakfast

8:45am    Morning Devos

9:00am    Morning Game

10:00am  Chapel

11:00am  Team Activity

12:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm    Selah (Rest Hour)

2:30pm    Snack Shack

3:00pm    Free Swim

4:00pm    Free Time

5:30pm    Supper

6:30pm    Surprise Hour

7:30pm    Snack Shack

8:30pm    Chapel

9:30pm    Night C.A.P.

10:30pm  Flag Lowering

10:40pm  Bed Prep

11:00pm   Lights Out

Jr. High Chapel

Campers will enjoy two dynamic chapel sessions each day with speakers, Coby & Krista Strausbaugh.

weekly videos

We'll have your weekly videos available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!

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