Snack Shack


Campers have an opportunity to visit the Snack Shack twice a day.


They turn in their snack shack money at REGISTRATION ONLY! If a camper brings extra money to camp that they intend to turn in later there is a risk of it to becoming lost or stolen.


That money then gets transferred to a Snack Shack Account and is kept track of on a Snack Shack/Store Card in the camper's name and kept on file in the Snack Shack.


Any money not spent by pick-up time is donated to the camp and greatly appreciated!


*NEW* If there are any campers who have as much as $5 or more left on their account, a refund will be given to them in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20 and so on.


The Snack Shack has typical concession stand goodies including candy bars, chips, popcorn, pop, Gatorade, & ice cream from $1-$3.


*NEW* Gluten Free & Dairy Free options will be available. Outside snacks will no longer be stored for individual campers in the Snack Shack.


Also available is camp merchandise like sunglasses, hats, & t-shirts $5-$15.


$20-$30 is the recommended amount for week long campers to put on a Snack Shack account.


3600 Long Lake Rd

Reading, MI 49274

(517) 283-2527