June 15-20, 2020

Cost by June 1: $240

Junior campers, ages 8-11, get the opportunity to experience a full week of camp; more camp time = more fun!

29 GIRL Bunks Available & 28 BOY Bunks Available

Junior Chapels

Campers will have two sessions a day.


Night C.A.P.

End the night off in a fun way by playing a quick game of nine square and then chatting about chapel with your cabin.


DAILY Schedule

7:30am    RiseNShine/Clean-Up

8:00am    Breakfast

9:00am    Choose Your Advntr

11:00am  Chapel

12:00pm  Free Time

12:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm    Selah (Rest Hour)

2:30pm    Cabin Activity

3:30pm    Snack Shack

4:00pm    Free Swim

4:45pm    Free Time

5:30pm    Supper

6:30pm    Surprise Hour

7:30pm    Snack Shack

8:00pm    Chapel

9:00pm    Night C.A.P.

10:30pm   Lights Out

Junior Payment

Price includes a credit card processing fee.


  • Available

Snack Shack Card

Campers have two visits to the snack shack each day. The Snack Shack Card can be used to purchase pop, candy, ice cream, all under $3 and other merchandise $5-$15.


  • Available

Summer T-Shirt Pre-Order

Pre-order your camper's summer themed t-shirt in their size and pick it up on registration day! T-shirt pre-orders are for the summer 2020 themed t-shirt ONLY. Other t-shirt styles and merchandise will be available for purchase at registration. Price includes credit card processing fee. 


  • Available

2020 Junior DVD

Junior highlights, slideshow, and cabin videos. Price includes credit card processing fee.


  • Available