TBA 2022


Junior campers, ages 8-11, get the opportunity to experience a full week of camp; more camp time = more fun!

Junior Chapels

Campers will have two sessions a day with speakers, God's Helping Hands.


Night C.A.P.

End the night off in a fun way by playing a quick game of nine square and then chatting about chapel with your cabin.

DAILY Schedule

7:30am    RiseNShine/Cabin Clean-Up

8:00am    Breakfast

9:00am    Choose Your Own Adventure

10:00am  Chapel

11:15pm  Cabin Activity

12:15pm  Mail Call/Silly Songs

12:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm    Selah (Rest Hour)

                    Snack Shack Delivery

2:30pm    Free Swim

3:30pm    Free Time

4:00pm    Cabin Check-in

4:15pm    Chapel

5:30pm    Supper

6:30pm    Surprise Hour

7:30pm    Snack Shack

8:00pm    Night C.A.P.

9:15pm    Flag Lowering

9:30pm    Bed Prep

10:00pm   Lights Out

2021 Junior DVD

Campers will receive their Junior highlights, slideshow, and cabin video via DVD by mail. Price includes credit card processing fee.


3600 Long Lake Rd

Reading, MI 49274

(517) 283-2527